Ephesians 3:18 “ grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ.”

This morning I was reflecting on my current circumstances. I know that God loves me but I never took the time to think about it. Why has God chosen to love me? As I sat thinking about all the trials I have been through the past 4years I questioned if God really loved me. If he loved me why would I go through the things I have endured and have left behind. Why would he allow me to go through what seems like a lake of fire. The revelation I got was that I had allowed the enemy and his schemes of lies make me believe that I was unwanted, unloved and left to fend for myself. It is my choice to allow him in and by doing it I miss out on what God has for me in this next season of my life. Why would I not want what He wants for me, why would I want to miss out what he has for me next? He is an unfailing God and loves me unconditionally; but through the trials he has been faithful and his goodness is still there. As I have witnessed my own little family grow closer and knitted like never before I would not want to change it. Watching countless prayers answered for those I prayed and believed my faith began to build. We need to learn to recognize the enemy at work and his tactics. No longer will I allow doubt to enter my heart when I know how faithful God is and how faithful he has been. His loves abounds regardless of what you are facing today. He loves you regardless of your background or if you even choose to fall back into your secret sin. He is there even if you think he really is not there.”His love holds us, his love grounds us, his love is a glorious weight preventing the harsh words and hurtful situations form being a destructive force.” Uninvited Book.

Pastor Veronica

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